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Pressure tanks are containers that hold gases, vapors, and fluids at high pressures. They are used in many industrial applications for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, recreational and oil and fuel processes, and they are also often found in conjunction with well systems that supply water to residential homes or buildings. Read More…

Pressure Tanks Pressure tanks are high pressure vessels used in the containment, storage and transportation of fluid, vapors and gases at pressures higher than atmospheric pressure.
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Leading Manufacturers

Oak Lawn, IL  |  800-282-1574

If you are looking for innovative pressure vessels, you’ve come to the right place! We actively manage your project every step of the way. We keep you informed of what we are doing to ensure we keep up to your standards and delivery times.

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Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators, LLC $$$

Gladwin, MI  |  989-426-4768

Gladwin Tank Manufacturing specializes in custom designed and built ASME tanks and ASME jacketed weldments of any shape or size made from carbon steel, stainless, duplex and nickel alloys.

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Gladwin Tank Mfg., Inc. $$$

West Alexandria, OH  |  937-307-3597

Rexarc’s focus is on the fabrication of custom stainless and carbon steel pressure vessels. We welcome applications with pressures between 500 and 5,000 psi. After nearly 100-years of being in business, Rexarc has the knowledge, attitude, equipment, and processes to support your needs in vessel production and value add services of piping, instrumentation, paint, and other controls integration. Rexarc’s traditions of customization, communication, and commitment to on-time delivery of products has been passed down through four generations of family leadership. Our customers know that we were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow.

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Rexarc International $$$

Springfield, MO  |  417-459-9906

Sho-Me Fabrication, LLC is a Missouri based pressure vessels manufacturer. We are a leading and trusted manufacturer, providing the best service and products in the industry. Our highly skilled and experienced workers have quick turnaround with high quality products. Sho-Me Fabrication is able to fabricate your customized product on site or in our facilities. Contact us to see how we can customize a product to fit your needs.

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Sho-Me Fabrication, LLC $$$

Big Lake, MN  |  763-263-0747

Midwest Tank Company has provided quality tanks to small and large corporations and contractors since 1972. Our reputation is built on exceptional services and customer satisfaction! Our fabrication techniques have been developed through years of tank specialization, combined with personnel who are experienced in all phases of our operation.

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Midwest Tank Company $$$

Rockland, ME  |  207-596-0061

Steel-Pro Incorporated has been serving the industry since 1978. As a major manufacturer of quality tanks, vessels and equipment, we are located in the North-East with competitive prices throughout the United States. With over 45 years of experience, we perform every aspect of the process to the highest standards.

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Steel-Pro Incorporated $$$

Humble, TX  |  281-821-0543

Since 1981, Gulf Coast Alloy Welding has been a well-known and trusted leader in the pressure vessels industry. We attribute our success to our years of experience and our highly skilled, quality-driven workers. Our pressure vessels have wall thicknesses up to 8” and can handle pressure up to 15,000 PSI. We strive to have the highest quality products in the industry while continuously improving and expanding.

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Gulf Coast Alloy Welding, Inc. $$$
placeholder image Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators, LLC Gladwin Tank Mfg., Inc. Rexarc International Sho-Me Fabrication, LLC Midwest Tank Company Steel-Pro Incorporated Gulf Coast Alloy Welding, Inc.

pressure tank

Types of Pressure Tanks

Well Pressure Tank

In a well pressure tank, there is water at the bottom and compressed air at the top. When one opens a faucet, compressed air applies pressure to the water, causing it to flow out of the tank through pipes. The pump's activity causes water from the well to fill the tank's bottom. The air at the tank's top becomes more compressed as the water level increases. The pump turns off at a maximum pressure of about 50 - 60 psi.

well pressure tanks

Bladder Pressure Tank

A bladder pressure tank features two chambers, one for compressed air and one for water. The bladder component is like a self-contained, expandable balloon filled with water. The tank sensor activates the pump. Since bladder pressure tanks don't have a diaphragm that could malfunction, they normally last longer than diaphragm pressure tanks.

Diaphragm Pressure Tank

A diaphragm pressure tank has a pressurized air chamber and a water chamber. A rubber diaphragm separates the two chambers. The diaphragm is built to increase the water level and cause the pump to turn off. Despite the effectiveness of diaphragm pressure tanks, they can fail if the diaphragm separates from the tank's sides and causes a sharp drop in water pressure. The diaphragm of a tank may also fold over on itself, which could lead to the pump running nonstop and wearing out.

Air-Over Water Pressure Tank

In an air-over-water pressure tank, the water and air charge are stored in a single, galvanized pressure tank. They often have an inner coating to prevent corrosion. The tank is glass-lined or epoxy-coated to keep the tank from rusting. In a single tank, air and water are not separated. Although air-over-water tanks are larger, they have the capacity of a smaller tank. Therefore the pump operates frequently and wears out prematurely.

air over water tank

Advantages of Pressure Tanks

  • Pressure tanks are used in nuclear and mining industries. They securely store liquid gases and flammable chemicals.
  • Pressure tanks are used for distillation and water heating.
  • Using pressure tanks in water distribution systems can increase pump lifespan by softening hydraulic shocks. This is because the air inside the vessel is compressed when pumped water enters.

Applications of Pressure Tanks

  • The chemical industry may use pressure tanks to create chemical reactions. In the chemical industry, numerous pressure vessel types may be used simultaneously.
  • The energy industry uses pressure tanks to limit harmful gasses. Only some facilities use a reactor pressure tank. Reactor Pressure Vessels are special pressure vessels used in nuclear power plants (RPVs).

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